Live the Life of your Dreams

I've used a simple set of steps for the last 10 years to go from rock bottom to million dollar mom entrepreneur. This is an interactive book teaching seven steps to attract anything you want in life making your biggest dreams your reality. The system will help you be the best you, the happiest you, and just an overall decent and good person. Use this book to attract love, friendship, success, wealth, joy, abundance, health—everything you want from all facets of life.

Whether you are at rock bottom, feel like you could hit rock bottom, feel stuck in life, living happy but just want more, already successful but want to go to new heights, and any story in between, this book is for you.

Over the last ten years, I personally have been following these steps with astounding results.

Where I WAS...

  • Stagnant life paralyzed by substance abuse
  • Living paycheck to paycheck (scraping a dollar just to eat lunch from the McDonald's Dollar Menu some days or to have enough gas to get to pay day)
  • Poor credit score
  • Dead-end relationships
  • Gained 40 lbs
  • Suffered from anxiety and panic attacks...
  • and MORE.

Where I am TODAY...

  • Drug-free for over a decade (I am 34 years old)
  • Owner of a a million dollar, self-made business
  • Married to the love of my life and best friend
  • Credit score over 700 and savings in the bank
  • Healthy and fit (emotionally and physically)
  • Mother to a beautiful baby boy
  • No anxiety or panic attacks (without medication)
  • Loving every minute of life no matter what comes my way...
  • and MORE.

For years I've wanted to write this book so that others can use their internal magnet to attract anything in life. It's YOUR time to create the life you desire and deserve. No matter where you are now or what happened in the past, you are worth it. I want to help. I believe in YOU.

Build a Strong Foundation

Learn how to identify and remove all self-limiting beliefs, doubt and thoughts. Truly connect with your innermost values and learn to value yourself in a confident, healthy way.

Find and Strengthen Your Internal Magnet

Learn how to retrain your thoughts and your deep, inner voice; align your inner beliefs with your positive intentions, give gratitude; visualize; and more to remove roadblocks to your internal magnet.

Dream Big, Achieve Bigger

Learn how to identify your true passions and dreams, and most importantly, learn seven simple steps to turn your dreams and desires into your reality.

Attract Anything You Want

Learn life-changing skills and principles to attract love, happiness, wealth, success, abundance, health and more.

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Meet the Author

Tasha L. Mayberry

Entrepreneur, Wife, Mom, & Life's Biggest Fan

Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our website! The idea for this book has been in the making for years and as soon as I was pregnant, the words flowed out on paper like a determined, yet harmonious river. I am so grateful to share a set of simple steps that have changed my life in ways that surprise me still today.

I wrote this book to help you and others reach new heights in life as I have - it's the most indescribable feeling to know that YOU have the ability to attract anything you want in life and as your dreams become reality, the feeling of self-accomplishment and pure joy adds such enrichment to your life and your inner person. Best part is, you not only help yourself, but become a positive force to those around you.

No matter who you are and where you are in life, this book will help you. I've shared my journey as an example going from rock bottom to now living the life of my dreams. I love to stay connected to readers so please drop me a note anytime and follow us on social media. I am here to help. I believe in YOU.

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The biggest reward for me is to truly help people and hearing your story means more than words can describe. Please share your experience with the book and also submit questions or other comments. If you want to apply for free grant money make sure to submit your story here.

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