dream big achieve bigger coverA Mission to Help One Million People

Over the last ten years I have attracted what I want in life – big and small – time and time again. This is not by chance or luck, but by following a set of principals that ANYONE can follow.  We all have something very special and that is an internal magnet to attract everything we want in life.

Turning my dreams into my reality has created such a feeling of self accomplishment and every day I live with happiness and a positive outlook not matter what comes my way.   I just had to share the steps I took to create the life of my dreams with you and others.  We are on a mission to help ONE million people, but if the book helps just one, it will all be worth it.

We also want to give back in a bigger way, so we creating a non profit called The Dream Fund. A portion of book proceeds will be donated to this fund, and we will give grant money to those who want to achieve and start their dreams.  Whether it’s $100, $1,000, $10,000 or whatever the dollar amount, you can share your story here to apply for a grant.

The more we get the word out about the book and our mission, the more people we can help. So thank you in advance for sharing. We even have a web page that has graphics and content to make sharing easier.

What you will learn…

This is an interactive book teaching seven steps to attract anything you want in life; it’s time to make your biggest dreams your reality. The simple system will help you be the best you, the happiest you, and just an overall decent and good person. Use this book to attract love, friendship, success, wealth, joy, abundance, health—everything you want from all facets of life.

Whether you are at rock bottom and hopeless; feel like you could hit rock bottom; feel stuck in life; living happy but just want more; already successful but want to go to even bigger heights; and any story in between, this book is for you.

Over the last ten years, I personally have been following these steps with astounding results which I share in these pages. Now I am paying it forward to help you and others dream big and achieve bigger.

So why did I write this book?

This book was written to share my journey from substance-abuse, dead-end relationships, being overweight, living paycheck to paycheck scraping change for lunch and gas before pay day, suffering with severe anxiety, living a stagnant life, and more to TODAY I am… drug-free for over a decade; an owner of a million dollar, self-made business; married to the love of my life; mother to a beautiful baby boy; fit and healthy; free of anxiety and panic attacks without using medication; living with purpose and so much joy; loving every minute of life no matter what comes my way…and more. Now, I pass these seven steps to YOU. I want to help. I am here to support you. I BELIEVE in YOU.