Attracting a New Home – Steps I Took to Buy our First House

My husband and I have been renting for the entire five years of our marriage.  Of course we always planned on buying a house, but as new business owners we had to wait until we had at least two years of tax returns – the norm in many states.

Many people – including my husband – would not take any action to purchase a home until they have what’s required – two years of tax returns if self-employed, a down payment saved up, good credit score, etc.  For me, I started the home buying process a year and a half ago with only one year of tax returns, a 600 credit score which is not good enough for a mortgage loan, and no money saved for a down payment.   Today, we are under contract on our first house and closing on March 30th!

Here’s how I did it in a little over a year’s time:

We all have the ability to attract what we want in life by following a few simple steps.  What we project is what we attract – in the most basic of explanations.  The universe receives our wants through:

  • our inner-most beliefs and lack of doubt,
  • positive thoughts that the task at hand WILL happen,
  • gratitude for what we have already and for all the things that have not happened yet, and
  • especially when we take action to make our dreams our reality.

So what actions did I take specifically to buy our first house?

Step 1:

First, I added to my daily gratitude list (step 3 in my book):

“I am so grateful we bought our first home!”  After we became pregnant, I changed this to, “I am so grateful we bought our first home before our baby was born!”

As I thought this each day, I felt the emotions that come with buying a first home – excitement, accomplishment, etc. I acted as if it already happened. I believed it without any doubt.

Now removing doubt is not easy to learn, but with practice eventually having no doubt becomes second nature.  Of course I’m human and at times some doubt will try to creep into my thoughts, but I catch it, rethink positively, and erase all doubt.

Step 2:

Aside from removing all doubt and having daily gratitude for buying a house (this is called a “grateful intention” by they way – having gratitude for something that has not happened yet), I started to take action.

Yes, I did not have the required two year’s of tax returns, the credit score to qualify, or the down payment (so I thought – come to find out it’s pretty affordable for first time home buyers and only 3% is required as a down payment), but this did not stop me from moving forward and taking action.  If I just waited until I had all of these required things, the likelihood of getting a house would just remain as a delayed dream. Dreams are too precious and exciting to put off!

For a year and a half I’ve been on searching for homes and saving the homes I liked. As I browsed I evoked emotion as if I was buying a house RIGHT THEN.  I did not have thoughts like:

Limiting Thought:  “I’m just looking; some day I hope to buy a house.”

Notes:  Just “looking” does not mean buying. If buying a house is what you want, you must think/say/believe this.  Also, the word “hope” limits your dreams and creates a weak internal magnet.  Do you hope to buy a home? Or… will you buy a home?  The latter is much stronger.

Limiting Thought:  “I’m not ready to buy a home now until I fix my credit, get two years of tax returns, and save for a down payment.”

Notes:  Yes, this was in fact my situation when I started taking action 1.5 years ago to purchase a house, but thinking this will not help me make my dream my reality.  To buy a home I must attract a great credit score and money for the down payment (the two years of tax returns are just a formality but I did need to attract enough income to show on the tax returns).  Just like with the main dream of buying a house, I want to think, feel, and believe that I already have all of these things. Feel complete gratitude that at that very moment 1.5 years ago when I started taking action, I had everything I needed to buy a house RIGHT THEN.  This is how I attracted buying a home.

Another action step I took was to simply start talking about it with family and friends.  Tell others, “We are in the process of buying a house; we’re so excited!”  When you talk about it, tell others about it, and feel excited about it, these are all strong signals to the universe to help make your dream your reality.  It may sound kooky, but it TRULY works.

So, a year and a half ago I started taking these action steps (removing all doubt, having gratitude, positive thoughts, and taking action). Another thing I did was add a house to my 2015 vision board. I created this in February 2015 (the cool part is, exactly one year later we have a house under contract).

vision board
My vision board – February 2015


all true
Everything that came true by 2016 – even having a baby!

I had been working on upping my credit score since 2014 and by February 2015 I went from a 450 to a 720. There were a couple steps that my husband and I could have taken a lot earlier, but we still made it happen:

1. Establishing my husband’s credit. In November 2015 he opened a credit card (We never had any credit cards or debts for our entire marriage for five years, but this is not good when buying a home.  They must be able to pull a credit score.).

TIP:  do not pay off your credit card balance within the same billing cycle. This is what we did thinking it was a good thing, but this will show no open accounts and the mortgage company won’t see a score. So leave some type of balance and try not to have a balance over 50% of the total credit card limit.  I’m not a financial advisor and THIS IS NOT ADVICE; this is just sharing our personal experience. We urge you to seek advise from a professional lending company/advisor.

2. The second step we could have done a lot sooner was contact the lending company.  We did this in January 2016 and are now closing March 30th.  Contacting a lending company sooner gives you all the information you need to get a mortgage and gives the lending company more time too.

our house

Despite doing these two steps later than we should have, we are still on track to buying our first home!  It’s very exciting. We currently have the house under contract and close on March 30th!

We have a couple hurdles still to get over, but I never worry or panic. Worrying by the way is like placing a brick wall in front of your internal magnet. Instead of attracting what you truly want, you start to attract what you worry about.   Train yourself to not worry and know it will ALWAYS work out.

So, from attracting our big dream, to attracting all the little things we needed to make buying a house possible, this is an excellent example of how I use the seven step system taught in my book to make any dream a reality.

Do you own your own home?  Do you want to own your own home?

If you already own a home – congrats!  This is awesome.  You can use these steps to buy a new home!  If you want to buy a home, after reading this blog, what immediate action steps will you take?  Remember, if you want something, just reach out and grab it!

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